The Museum includes the lamp room, the underground tour and the winch room.

The lamp room houses a permanent exhibition on the history of coal, the mine and the town of Carbonia; it’s a large room where you can admire a valuable collection of mine lamps, work tools, instruments and everyday objects, and see photographs, documents, period films and video interviews with some miners.

The underground tour shows the evolution of the coal mining techniques used in Serbariu from the 1930s until the mine shutdown. The areas were organised and equipped with old tools and large machinery still used in active coal mines, to give you an idea of how they looked in the past.

The last one, the winch room, is where the winding gear – used to bring down cages with miners and take them and coal to the surface – is located.

The museum also includes a bookshop, where you can buy books on the subject and souvenirs, a café and a conference room with 130 seats and audio-visual system.