Serbariu coal mine, active from 1937 to 1964, fuelled the economic growth of Sulcis and was one of the main energy resources in Italy between the 1930s and the 1950s. The complex was restored and turned into a museum; the project for the rehabilitation of the site allowed to open the buildings and mining areas that today make the Museo del Carbone. The Museum includes the lamp room, the underground tour and the winch room.

NOTE: Serbariu Coal Mine site is currently undergoing major renovations, so the tour route has undergone temporary changes.

As part of your visit, you will take a guided tour of the underground areas; the tour lasts about an hour and can be booked in Italian, English and French. (Advance booking required)
The underground tour shows the evolution of the coal mining techniques used in Serbariu from the 1930s until the mine shutdown. The areas are equipped with old tools and large machinery still used in active coal mines, to give you an idea of how they looked in the past. The Winch Room is not open to visitors at the moment.

The Lamp Room (exhibition hall) will be closed until the end of the renovation works. A selection of mine lamps, work tools, instruments and documents are on display in the museum’s temporary location.