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The MINHER (Mining Heritage) Generatore di sviluppo economico e turistico project involves the towns of Carbonia, Labin (Albona) and Rasa (Arsia – coordinator) in Croatia, Velenje e Idrija (Slovenia), Rybnik in Poland, Banovići (Bosnia and Erzegovina) as European examples of revitalization of post-mining sites. The project is designed as a network of towns with mining heritage sites to be protected, and is aimed at developing cooperation between the different partners. The interactions are based on the similar historical background of these towns, with a focus on the industrial-archaeological heritage restoration and revitalisation in urban settlements associated with mining activities. The program aims to encourage the organisation of new economic activities in the “mining sites”; so far, it has promoted a series of meetings and cultural exchanges between cities, with a different historical and geographic background, but with a similar industrial development in the mining sector and subsequent decline. Exchanging experiences is part of the cooperation and cultural growth which, through a comparison with different European realities, allows to identify “best practices” and innovative solutions, in order to reconvert, redevelop and give new life to abandoned mining sites, as well as provide new job opportunities, to build a new future for these areas.
The project was presented in 2013 and was funded by the “Europe for Citizens” program.

Website: http://www.minher.eu/

Brochure: http://issuu.com/kekogad/docs/minher_dispensa_it?e=1978007/10076093

Glossary of mining terms: http://issuu.com/kekogad/docs/minher_rjecnik_rudarskih_pojmova_is?e=1978007/10076073


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