The Museo del Carbone is one of the sites of the ERIH (European Route of Industrial Heritage), the European network of industrial-archaeological heritage sites which currently includes over 1,850 sites in all European states. Serbariu Coal Mine is, in fact, one of the 100 Anchor Points, the key sites that make up the main route.

The Regional Routes

The 20 Regional Routes – the local routes – allow you to discover in detail the industrial history of the area. All sites are connected to 14 European Theme Routesthat show the differences in the industrial history of Europe and their common roots. As an Anchor Point, the Museo del Carbone is included in two European Theme Routes: the mining industry and industrial landscapes.
ERIH aims, in the near future, to extend the network, connect it to other cultural networks (such as TICCIH, for example), raise funds and identify other sources of revenue, organise and participate in events in cooperation with other cultural and industrial heritage networks. In 2019, ERIH obtained the “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certification.

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